SEVEN INCHES OF DEATH – “5 Years of Cult Death Metal 7 Inch EPs”


SEVEN INCHES OF DEATH is a tribute to the glorious days of Death Metal in the late 1980s and early 1990s when 7“s were a mere way to express musical achievements. This book contains more than 150 contributions from individuals being members of nowadays well-known bands and combos that have remained in the depths of the underground. All of them told the stories behind their very own 7“s releases. Additionally, there are tons of images from those covers, flyers, photographs, etc. all held in an old-school black n´white/ cut n´paste design!

Incantation, Abhorrence, Brutality, Pungent Stench, Rigor Mortis, Monstrosity, Unleashed, Atrocity, Brutal Truth, Blood, Derketa, Gorefest, Impetigo, Goreaphobia, Agathocles, Revenant… and more!

Softcover, 267 pages, A4, 1,25 kg, cover artwork by Mark Riddick.

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